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Students from different countries are going to inquire into both commonalities and differences in lifestyles and relationships with nature. They will explore the surrounding environment and will learn both physical geography and the meaning of the main natural phenomena. They will know their own and other countries environment and its ecological balance; agricultural, economical and industrial activities and their impact on nature. They will learn about the correct use of each and every resource, avoiding every kind of waste; about various types of pollution; about reusing and recycling.



We can still remember the day when our project was approved. Many teachers and students ageed to partecipate immediately because we all thought it would be a beautiful experience, and we were right.

This  project was a fantastic opportunity for us. We traveled with colleagues and pupils. We made a new friends and had a great time with them. We improved our  English and also we  talked and shared opinions on our cultures. 
We worked  together to promote environmental friendly approach. We recycled products, we reduced various types of pollution, we talked about alternative sources of enery.

We never forget what we did in the project because me had a great time with nice teachers and kids from different nationalities and we all had the chance to learn how life outside our country is. I think that afther this experience everyone in this project will have different view on life and will try to make the world a better place, a place where racism don't exist, where the word is clean. Now we  are a big family with a big heart.

Our gratitude to all the teachers, pupils, families and participants who had contributed with this Comenius project with so much enthusiasm and professional attitude.

We are looking to continue our friendship. 

Teachers from Europe